Finally!  We got a long overdue facelift with new features and services. We’re not at 100% but are working on it. Our philosophy is taken from the film Field of Dreams.  “Build it and they will come.” To be honest, I never imagined I would be creating my own enterprise. After all, I’m an artist. Who knew it would come to this? But I’m happy it did because now I can provide needed help and support to my fellow cohorts. We cover three major areas in the entertainment world: theatre, music and digital media. Hence, the name Mixing It Up.

We also have a newsletter to keep you informed of events, seminars, workshops, and other happenings from our industry that may be of interest or help to you.  We haven’t chosen a name for it so maybe you can contribute with your suggestion. Let your creative juices flow!

Our vision is simple: communication. We want to reach out to the four corners of the world and exchange ideas, opinions and values that are essential factors and allow us to work together peacefully and respectfully