We know how it is when you submit a script and find rejections on top of rejections. Why it happens doesn’t matter as much as seeing your work collect dust. That’s the reason we’re offering our script development to help you go through the process of putting up your work on stage and taking you through the steps needed to reach your objective.

What we provide

A one-on one developmental process between you and your creative team of director and actors

A comprehensive evaluation by a dramaturg

The ability to do rewrites with the dramaturg’s assistance

Roundtable readings

Discussions with your creative team and how you can reach your vision

A professional staged reading where the public is invited to view your work

Should you care to have your script produced, we will provide you with the essentials and help you along the way to see your goal becomes a reality.

Our policy is to accept every enrollment without prejudice. However, you must know your craft. We do not provide classes to learn how to write a play.

This service will be offered in 2018. We will keep you updated by getting the information we ask from you when you fill out our Contact Us section at the bottom of this page.


Whether you’re looking to license a play, record a song, or take advantage of our other offerings, we would love to hear from you.


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