A seven-week virtual, immersive experience for playwrights

Script to Stage comes directly to playwrights in the comforts of their homes. As a participant, we provide you with theater professionals to help you realize your vision for your play. You receive five weeks of support with a dramaturg and two weeks with a creative team. The entire process takes you on a journey from script to stage, culminating in a virtual staged reading.

What we provide

  • A 5-week cycle with a dramaturg including script consultation, conversations, and thorough feedback notes with an optional comprehensive evaluation following your staged reading.
  • A creative team comprised of a director, actors, and stage
    manager/narrator chosen specifically to suit the needs of your script in consultation with you.
  • An acting audition so that you may select your cast.
  • A table reading and 2 rehearsals with your creative team.
  • A professional staged reading showcasing your work in front of a virtual audience.
  • An optional interactive feedback session with the audience.
  • A videotape of your staged reading.
  • A membership with us for future opportunities in your craft and in theatre.
  • A closing out package with resources for playwrights.

We will be offering this amazing experience beginning this summer. If interested, go to “Contact Us” below this page and type “Script to Stage” in the message box.


Whether you’re looking to license a play, record a song, or take advantage of our other offerings, we would love to hear from you.


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