Terms And Conditions

Actor to Playwright Creative Workshop Terms and Conditions for Enrollment

Online Registration
You can pay in full or pay only the $60.00 non-refundable deposit to save a place in the class. The
balance must be paid prior to start of class.• Cancellation Policy
No refund will be granted upon withdrawal of class.

Code of Conduct
Students are expected to treat instructors, other students and area with respect.
Students will be terminated without refund, if the student portrays hostile, inappropriate, or disruptive
behavior towards other students or staff.

Student Obligations
Students are expected to be in the classroom on time and ready to work. If students, are going to be late
or going to miss the class, contact the instructor.

Students are expected to follow the rules of the classroom set by the instructor.

Students are to be mindful and respectful of each individual’s work of art.

Students are to have all assignments completed and ready to explore with the upmost professionalism.

Mobile devices are not to be used during classroom time for personal use. All devices are to be on silence mode. If call must be taken, leave the class without interruption.