The Push to Save NYC’s Independent Venues

The New York City (NYC) music community came out Sunday morning (August 23), risking their health to pose in solidarity to save our independent venues and live entertainment with support of the newly-formed New York Independent Venues Association (NYIVA). New York photographer Arnie Goodman and digital diva Abbe Sparks organized the impromptu Save Our NYC Stages Photo Event. Their mission was to showcase the devastating effects the NY on Pause live entertainment moratorium has had and continues to have in the New York music community at large by putting faces with the cause.

“Many of the club owners and musicians who showed their support for this event could not partake due to the risks involved. They either have small children, elderly parents, or are compromised themselves. Regardless of whether they were physically present or not, the entire music community was with us in spirit,” Arnie Goodman explained.

Every borough of the city plus neighboring Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey were represented – from club owners to musicians of national and local acts to music and theater industry professionals. Musicians even traveled from as far away as Pennsylvania.

Recently, NY Senator Chuck Schumer announced he was co-sponsoring the Save Our Stages Act, the bipartisan relief bill introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn, supported by NYIVA. A second bill, the Restart Act, led by Senators Todd Young (R-IN) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Representatives Jared Golden (D-ME) and Mike Kelly (R-PA), is also on the table.

Music, live performance, Broadway, dance, comedy, and more have socially sparked our lives and New York City in countless ways. The pandemic and New York’s moratorium on live venues are continuing to wreak economic and emotional havoc on the independent club owners and the artists, not to mention how it affects the millions of fans and visitors that live for live entertainment. We need to act now and Save Our NYC Stages.


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