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Current Projects

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The Big Eyed Gorilla

"The Big Eyed Gorilla" is a Dr. Faust-like, fable-type musical. It's about an obnoxious teen who unwittingly sells his soul for a Big Eyed Gorilla costume. His motive is vengeance to those who have mistreated him because of his sexual identity. As a result, he discovers his body has turned into a real gorilla. To get out of his dilemma, he has to help the treacherous demon (a.k.a. costume maker) get his friend's soul instead. The theme is about friendship, identity, and inclusion and is akin to "King Kong "meeting "The Greatest Showman."

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Tell Me A Story, Papi

A Korean army veteran named Angel Roman has been estranged from his wife, Caridad, and their son, Junior, for over 11 years. Because of his homosexuality and his guilt of being an unfit father, he struggles to pull his family together when he’s given a second chance.  "Tell Me a Story, Papi" touches on three generations of men who have to deal with unconditional love that is hard for them to face in a macho-dominated culture.

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Well Preserved The Comedy

In this dark, perverted comedy, living with her three dead husbands makes as much  sense as having her stuffed pets around. Persuaded by her live-in niece, Sandra,  Virginia invites Radcliff, an old friend, to stay with them during his research at a nearby  university. What ends up happening is love, jealousy, and suspicion, affecting the  relationship between Virginia, Radcliff, and Sandra and her

preserved husbands


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A full-length play that takes place in the U. S. southwestern desert. An artist named Lillith plans to paint one last painting and then disappear from the world she’s known, but things are thwarted when a ranch owner named Merlin questions her stay on his land.


Selected for 2018 Production Residency at the Players Theatre
2019 Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

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Memories Of What Could Have Been

Set in the Lower East Side of New York City in 1993, two Hispanic teenage sisters  struggle to understand each other and their family situation. More and more, they  become estranged until it's discovered that one of them has AIDS. Anger, fear, sorrow,  and regrets ensue until they come together and face the challenges of dealing with the  virus. 

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Trial tells the unique, provocative story of a young woman waiting for her own judgment in the bureaucratic system of the afterlife, where she finds herself in the role of judge and jury to determine the eternal fate of her father, the man responsible for her abuse and death. The play is inspired by a true story.

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Past Projects

The following productions are shows we produced, co-produced or invested in.

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