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  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required toward your payment when you submit your script for Packages Two and Three.

  • The balance of the fee must be paid by the day you begin the program.

  • Package One must be paid in full before beginning the program.

  • Payment must be made by debit or credit. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal.

  • No more than five actors per script. Any additional actor will cost extra.

  • Should the author need more time to finish the final draft, an additional charge will be added.



  • The author is the sole owner of the script

  • Play adaptations must be given written permission by the legal owner(s) of the submitted script.

  • Music in the script must be licensed by the legal owner(s) or representative of the songs, such as a music publisher or agency.

  • If there are two authors, one of the authors must be the representative for both, and whoever agrees to our terms and conditions after signing our enrollment will be responsible for payment.

  • Mixing It Up Productions is not liable for any lawsuit unless it hasn’t provided the author with the services stated.



It is agreed that the script is an intellectual property belonging to the author. Any changes in the script by the creative team of actors and director during the developmental process remains the sole and exclusive rights of the playwright. Mixing It Up Productions seeks no ownership nor remuneration for what the author decides to do with the script.

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